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Glamorous Antique Style Gold Framed Wall Mirror

Original price was: £350.Current price is: £260.

Enhance your home with the ‘Antique Style Gold Framed Wall Mirror’, showcasing an artfully hand-carved frame and the classic charm of antiqued glass. With its richly detailed design, this mirror is a testament to exquisite craftsmanship and timeless style.


  • Height: 61cm
  • Width: 35cm

Materials: Solid Wood, Antiqued Glass

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Elegance Reflected: A Gold Framed Mirror with Antique Flair

This Antique Style Gold Framed Wall Mirror brings not just reflection but a reflection with heritage to your space. Measuring a generous 61cm in height and 35cm in width, it is perfectly sized for versatility, able to make a statement in a cosy corner or complement grander furnishings in a spacious room.

Antiqued Glass: The soul of the mirror lies in its antiqued glass, masterfully crafted to mirror the aged beauty of a historical piece. This glass doesn’t simply show a likeness—it tells the storied past of time-honoured design and décor.

Luxurious Accent: Boldly bold in character, this mirror serves as an anchor of luxury and a beacon of style. Its gold frame glimmers with a subtle brilliance, inviting a sense of nobility and charm to any room it graces.

Versatile & Customisable: In the spirit of bespoke design, our hand-carved mirror offers the ultimate customisation. Adapt the dimensions, select your shade of gold, and decide the level of antique effect on your glass—tailor your mirror to be your very own piece of personalised luxury.

Era-Defining Style: This mirror nods respectfully to the opulent Baroque period, where extravagance was etched into every detail. Yet, it also flirts with the whimsicality of the Rococo, making it an eclectic and adaptable addition to any contemporary home.

Crafted for Durability: Robust in build and timeless in style, this wall mirror merges the best of artisan tradition with the assurances of modern-day craftsmanship, promising to be an enduring part of your home’s story.

Conclusion: Choose a piece that reflects more than just your image. Choose our Gold Framed Wall Mirror with Antique Style, and invest in a legacy of elegance that will enchant for years to come.

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Clean your furniture by wiping it with a soft, damp cloth. Do not use any chemicals. Protect from direct sunlight. Avoid prolonged contact with hot surfaces and water.

Glamorous Antique Style Gold Framed Wall Mirror
Glamorous Antique Style Gold Framed Wall Mirror

Original price was: £350.Current price is: £260.

1 in stock