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Fossil Stone Coffee Table

Original price was: £2,200.Current price is: £1,200.

Made of petrified wood cut from fossilized trees, this table top has been buried under layers of mud and ash for years. This coffee table, which impresses with its unique colour, texture and natural vein patterns, is combined with a black iron body. It will be an excellent choice for those who want to include unique products in their living and working spaces.

Upper table
Fossilized wood (petrified fossil wood)

Black metal (electrostatic painted iron)


  • Diameter: 101 cm
  • Height: 44 cm

This product can be partially or fully customised to your taste.

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With our Fossil Stone Coffee Table, you can make a bold statement in your living room. This coffee table is made from fossilised trees that have been turned into petrified wood. It has a unique colour, texture, and natural vein patterns that make it one of a kind. The petrified wood table top has been buried for years under layers of mud and ash, making it a piece that has really stood the test of time.

The black iron body provides a sturdy foundation and stylish contrast to the fossilized wood table top. The electrostatic painted iron frame provides a sleek finish that enhances the natural beauty of the petrified wood. Our Fossil Stone Coffee Table is a great option for people who want unique furniture for their homes or offices. It goes well with many things.

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Fossil Stone Coffee Table
Fossil Stone Coffee Table

Original price was: £2,200.Current price is: £1,200.

1 in stock