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Geometric Ceramic Jar in Red & Gold – 20x25cm

Discover the perfect fusion of form and function with our Red & Gold Geometric Ceramic Jar. Sized at 20x25cm, this piece is not just a container, but a sculptural accent that brings a touch of opulence to any space.


  • Height: 25cm
  • Width: 20cm
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Discover the Charm of Our Red & Gold Geometric Ceramic Jar

Elegance Redefined – Size: 20x25cm

Immerse yourself in the beauty of our Geometric Ceramic Jar, a true masterpiece of design and functionality. This Red and Gold Decorative Jar, measuring 20x25cm, is not just a container but a symbol of sophistication and style.

A Masterpiece of Colour and Design

Every angle of this Ceramic Jar with Geometric Pattern showcases a blend of bold red and gold hues, radiating a luxurious charm. It’s not just a Modern Geometric Ceramic Pot; it’s an artisan’s dream brought to life.

An Emblem of Artisan Craftsmanship

Beyond its elegant ceramic jar for Home Décor appeal, each piece reflects the dedication and skill of the artisans who create these handcrafted geometric pattern jars. Made from high-quality ceramics, it promises longevity and enduring beauty, making it more than just a Unique Ceramic Jar for Living Room; it’s a timeless heirloom.

Embrace the blend of art, functionality, tradition, and modernity with our Red & Gold Geometric Ceramic Jar. Add this stunning piece to your collection and let its elegance transform your space.

Dimensions 20 × 25 cm

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