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Charming Hand-Blown Glass Pumpkin Décor with Green Swirl

Original price was: £200.Current price is: £150.

Embrace the warmth of seasonal charm with our hand-blown glass pumpkin, a stunning piece accented with a vivid green swirl. This unique table-top ornament captures the essence of autumn’s bounty and artisanal craftsmanship.


  • Diameter : 14,4 cm
  • Height: 17 cm

This product can be partially or fully customised to your taste.

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Artisanal Elegance: Hand-Blown Glass Pumpkin

Discover the quintessence of autumn with our “Charming Hand-Blown Glass Pumpkin Décor.” Celebrate the artisan’s skill with this exquisite example of traditional glassblowing techniques. Every pumpkin presents itself not just as a decorative item but as a true work of art, bringing the spirit of the season into your home.

The vivid orange hue of the pumpkin is flawlessly complemented by an ornate green swirl—a curlicue that captures the whimsical essence of autumn. This piece transcends its seasonal theme, standing out as a perennial treasure amongst hand-blown glass ornaments, and inviting a year-round admiration.

Ideal as a centrepiece or a festive embellishment to your mantelpiece, this glass pumpkin introduces a snug ambiance to your home décor. Its modest dimensions allow for graceful placement in any space, suffusing your abode with the inviting warmth of the harvest season. This delightful pumpkin is part of our select range of hand-blown glass ornaments, curated to infuse your living space with a splash of artisan charm.

At Bretz Interiors and Furniture, we pride ourselves on offering luxury bespoke furniture and premier interior design services. Our hand-blown glass pumpkin is a testament to our commitment to quality and unique design. For more inspiration and to add to your collection, visit our home décor accessories.

To learn more about the art of glass blowing and the tradition it upholds, check out ‘The Corning Museum of Glass‘.



Charming Hand-Blown Glass Pumpkin Décor with Green Swirl
Charming Hand-Blown Glass Pumpkin Décor with Green Swirl

Original price was: £200.Current price is: £150.

1 in stock