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Vintage Style Scallop Footed Planter / Bowl

Original price was: £450.Current price is: £312.

A vintage-inspired scallop ceramic planter/bowl. It rests on four ornate brass feet that add a gorgeous metallic touch. In excellent condition with an age-related patina, perfect as a flowerpot or for decorative display.


  • Width: 23 cm
  • Height: 14 cm
  • Depth: 21 cm


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Enhance Your Décor with Vintage Style Footed Planter

Elegant Vintage-Inspired Design for Timeless Charm
Indulge in the beauty of our Vintage Style Scallop Footed Planter / Bowl. With its exquisite vintage-inspired design, this ceramic planter/bowl is a true statement piece for any home décor. The scalloped edges and ornate brass feet add a touch of sophistication and elegance. Whether used as a flowerpot or as a decorative display, this planter/bowl is sure to capture the attention and admiration of your guests. Its excellent condition and age-related patina add to its authentic vintage appeal, making it a cherished addition to your collection.

Versatile Functionality for Stylish Home Styling
Not only is our Vintage Style Scallop Footed Planter / Bowl a visually stunning piece, but it also offers practical versatility. Use it as a charming flowerpot to showcase your favourite blooms, bringing a touch of nature indoors. Alternatively, let your creativity run wild and transform it into a captivating centrepiece or a unique display for decorative items. The wide dimensions of 23 cm (width), 14 cm (height), and 21 cm (depth) provide ample space for your artistic endeavours. Its vintage charm and metallic accents effortlessly complement various interior styles, from traditional to contemporary, making it a versatile choice for any home.

Craftsmanship and Care for Lasting Beauty
Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, our Vintage Style Scallop Footed Planter / Bowl showcases the finest craftsmanship. The ceramic material ensures durability and longevity, while the brass feet add a luxurious touch. To maintain its timeless beauty, simply wipe the planter/bowl with a soft, damp cloth for cleaning. Avoid using any harsh chemicals, as they may damage the delicate finish. Please contact our sales representatives for other colour and size options.

Vintage Style Scallop Footed Planter / Bowl
Vintage Style Scallop Footed Planter / Bowl

Original price was: £450.Current price is: £312.

1 in stock