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Harmony Zebra-Patterned Ornamental Espresso Cup Set x6

Add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your morning coffee routine with this beautiful Zebra Patterned Ornamental Espresso Cup Set. This set features 6 cups and saucers, each decorated with a stunning zebra pattern. The cups are made from high-quality ceramic and are finished with a glossy glaze. The saucers are also made from ceramic and are decorated with a matching zebra motif. The set is perfect for serving espresso, cappuccino, or any other small coffee drink.


  • Made from high-quality ceramic
  • Finished with a glossy glaze
  • Stunning zebra pattern
  • Perfect for serving espresso, cappuccino, or any other small coffee drink
  • Great gift for coffee lovers
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Zebra-Striped Elegance: Ornamental Espresso Cup Set

Introducing our exquisite Zebra-Patterned Ornamental Espresso Cup Set, meticulously hand-painted and crafted with traditional ceramic artistry. This set showcases a unique zebra-pattern design, complemented by a glossy lacquer and paint finish, making it a stunning addition to any home.

Each set includes six harmoniously designed ceramic espresso cups and saucers, perfect for indulging in your favourite Turkish coffee or macchiato. The cups are thoughtfully created to provide an authentic and enjoyable coffee experience, allowing you to savour every sip.

Our hand-painted espresso cup set is not only visually captivating but also a testament to exceptional craftsmanship. With its timeless appeal, it effortlessly blends into any interior, making it an ideal choice for coffee enthusiasts and collectors alike.

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