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African-Inspired Large Decorative Jar – 35x30cm

Original price was: £220.Current price is: £175.

Infuse your space with the rich tapestry of the continent with our African-Inspired Large Decorative Jar, a stunning 35x30cm piece that marries bold design with cultural elegance.


  • Height: 35cm
  • Base-Diameter: 30cm
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Immerse in the Essence of Africa with Our Large Decorative Jar

Dimensions: Height 35cm, Width 30cm

Crafted to capture the spirit of the African continent, this large ceramic jar is a celebration of culture and artistry. Standing at an impressive 35cm tall with a 30cm width, the jar brings a bold statement to any space it inhabits.

Design that Tells a Story

The jar’s vibrant orange hue serves as the canvas for the striking black patterns that adorn its surface. These motifs, reminiscent of traditional African designs, are a tribute to a rich heritage of storytelling through art. The sweeping curves and bold silhouettes of the patterns evoke the dynamic rhythms and movements deeply rooted in African dance and music.

A Centrepiece with Purpose

With its matching lid topped by a sleek, pointed finial, this jar seamlessly combines form with function. It serves not only as a captivating centrepiece but also as a practical storage solution for your treasured items. Whether displayed in a living room, study, or entryway, it is sure to command attention and spark conversations.

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African-Inspired Large Decorative Jar - 35x30cm
African-Inspired Large Decorative Jar – 35x30cm

Original price was: £220.Current price is: £175.

Original price was: £220.Current price is: £175.